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8 questions about a corporate party from HR-PRACTICE

Why is a corporate party called a corporate party?

Actually, an event during which the audience is drinking, eating, having fun, and enjoying the show is more correctly called a party. Even a two-minute speech by the first company will not turn a party into an official event.

But “party” sounds kind of frivolous, and alcohol and evening dresses don’t go well with the heavy word “event”. So someone invented the word “corporate” – short and promising.

Why should a corporate party be considered a gift?

A distinctive feature of the gift is that the donee is unlikely to buy it himself. I’m sure few are willing to pay for a trip to a restaurant with colleagues. So there is a sign of a gift.

They don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, although someone would be more pleased with a day off or a useful present with corporate symbols. Don’t be sad, even outside of work they don’t always give you what you really want.

Why corporate events rarely meet expectations?

Participants in a corporate party can be people who are completely different in age, interests, status, and degree of familiarity with each other.

To make it so that the most different people who want a holiday were fun and interesting in one place and at the same time and is not an easy task, even if there are 10-15 people at your corporate party.

And if there are 200-300-500 of you, then the task of pleasing everyone becomes much more difficult. An insensitive host, poorly chosen music, hitching in the program, bad food, and waiters’ mistakes will easily ruin the long-awaited holiday.

The mission of flawlessly holding a corporate party is by definition impracticable – at any mass event, there will always be those who will remain dissatisfied. This is why holiday expectations are not met by everyone, and rave reviews are rare.

5 Creative Ways To Throw A Great Corporate Party Event

Who does the corporate unite?

Not those who don’t have fun on it, but those who work on it. The coolest security and HR team building I ever participated in was a three-hour night combing through the forest, where a key employee was hiding during an out-of-town corporate party.

The more participants in the event, the more risks that are not related to the current work of the company. Lost phones and wallets, broken legs, arms and ribs, bruised faces and heads, thefts, fights, damage to contractors’ property are the standard set of extreme introductions for services that are in charge of personnel.

What results to expect from a corporate party?

Only that most of the participants will get the desired positive and have a great time. Forget about loyalty, team spirit, cohesion, improved industrial relations.

Neither drinking together and watching a show nor playing paintball or football have anything to do with the company’s current activities.

Even if you find out at a corporate party that your colleague is a pleasant companion, a persistent drinking companion, dances well, plays football, and is cool at paintball, this does not compensate for the lack of his qualifications, which infuriates you so much at work.

You can’t buy employee loyalty for going to a restaurant.

Why is a corporate event most often timed to coincide with the New Year?

Because not everyone celebrates company birthdays and professional holidays, but before the New Year everyone, without exception, wants a holiday. Both employees and business owners are ready to finance the holiday.

There are, of course, sports events and corporate picnics, but this form of joint recreation of colleagues is practiced much less often.

Is it possible to do without a corporate party?

You can. Someone goes with friends to the bathhouse before the New Year, someone does not.

And this does not mean that the latter can be considered flawed. Many companies have not held, are not, and are not going to hold corporate events. And that’s okay.

Is there a corporate event without entertainment?

It happens. But this is no longer a corporate party in the usual sense. It can be a solemn summing up of the results of the year’s work, a conference, a meeting, a meeting, a presentation.

From the attributes of a corporate party – only a full dress uniform and a buffet table. The main feature of such an event is that more than half of its time is devoted to working, and the entertainment part is given a secondary role.

Otherwise, the event will turn into a “classic” corporate party, where the audience traditionally listens patiently to the obligatory speech of the head of the company, knowing that the main goal of the event is how to have fun.

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